Pre-paid legal plans promote preventive law.

Many people believe they need the services of a lawyer, under a pre-paid
legal service scheme, to solve a legal problem or resolve an intricate
situation. Often, your lawyer?s most valuable help could be before you
get involved in legal trouble.

When you sign up for a pre-paid legal plan, you have the right to unlimited
toll-free telephone access to your attorney. The sound advice and
consultation given to you by your lawyer will help you take the necessary
steps to detect and resolve any potential legal problems before they take
more dangerous proportions. This is called in legal jargon ?therapeutic
jurisprudence? or ?preventive law?. Just as preventive medicine helps
prevent disease by detecting their symptoms, preventive law helps prevent
serious legal consequences by detecting early problems. In an increasingly
litigious society, there is real concern that assets you have worked long
and hard to accumulate may be attacked by creditors and litigants, through
no fault of your own. By the time a potential claim or liability is
identified, it is too late to act.
A competent attorney?s advice is your best option to minimize your exposure
to potential risks and protect yourself from legal problems getting out of

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