Time Management and Article Directories

Do you work as an internet marketer? Whether you are a marketer for hire or if you work only on your own websites, you will likely turn to article directories. Article directories, like EzineArticles.com, are a great way to generate traffic to a product, service, or website. To get full use of article directories, you must also rely time management.

Article directories are large websites where articles are shared. These articles are written by internet users and uploaded for free. It is not uncommon for large article directories to carry hundreds of thousands of articles. Many use article directories for fun or to share an opinion, but they are a good internet marketing tool.

As an internet marketer, you can benefit from submitting content to article directories. They help to generate traffic. To get started write or hire a freelance writer to compose an article for you. This article should be related to what you are marketing. Do you want to increase page views for a dog grooming website? If so, write articles on the subject.

When submitting articles to directories, you will find a link or resource box. Many authors write a summary of their career or their interests. You can use this to generate traffic for a website or even a blog. Create a catchy phrase such as ?Click here for more dog grooming tips.? By making your links clickable, interested readers will click.

Not only do article directories generate links at the end of an article, but they do so through distribution. Many directories make your articles available for use. This means your work may appear on other websites. Yes, this may be a big turn off at first, but all links and resource boxes must stay intact. This means that your link will still be present and clickable. In a way, this results in marketing without extra steps on your part.

When submitting articles to article directories, some content will do better than others. As previously stated, compose articles that are inline with the website, product, or service you intend to market. These articles should useful to read, not outright advertisements, and contain relevant keyword phrases. Most importantly, always include a link.

So, where does time management come in?

Submitting content to article directories with links is not the only internet marketing method. In fact, it is not the only step you should take. There are many other ways to market a website, product, or service online and you should do so. For that reason, divide your time wisely. One day you can submit an article to an article directory, the next you can host a contest on your website, then buy advertisements, and so forth.

Article directories are a great way to generate interest and clicks, but you will typically see short bursts of traffic. This is because article directories like to focus their attention on newer articles. These are articles that will appear on the front page of a website or high in search rankings. For that reason, you want to spread your time and your content out evenly, meaning you have to manage your time.

So, what is the best way to manage your time when using article directories as an internet marketing tactic?

It is best to submit articles on a weekly basis. For example, submit one article one week, two the next week, and then follow with one more. This will keep new fresh content with your website links appearing and on the front page or at the top of search results. Although you want to submit articles on a weekly basis, you can write them all at once and save until ready for submission.

By combining time management and article directories together, you will find one great internet marketing tactic. By submitting weekly content, as opposed to all at once, you will get new readers and hopefully more page views and sales.

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