Title: Get The Maximum From Your Squeeze Pages

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The real sales lie in your list, we all know that by now but how well are you using your squeeze pages?

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Getting subscribers is definitely not finding sand in the Sahara. They can sometimes be as scarce as chicken teeth although there are as many as the sand in the Sahara.

So what are you doing to get your bucket full of sand?

There are millions of people surfing the net every day, all of the 24 hours of it. All you want is a little traffic to your site and to make some sales. Maybe, like many others you are promoting affiliate products and the sales are just dripping in.

If you are not using squeeze pages to get email addresses this will be the first and last time you will hear anything from the visitor you sent to the affiliate page. So you decide to use squeeze pages in an effort to get more subscribers on your list. Every now and again you might see a new subscriber but it just won?t catch that momentum that you have heard so many others achieve. You fall back in your chair thinking, ?Is this how it will always be or might there be a silver lining at the top of the cloud.? Well there is a huge silver lining at the top of the cloud and if people are visiting your site, coming from PPC or generic traffic, and they were interested in what they found there is no reason why they should not subscribe if you ask them to.

Remember we get bucketfuls of junk mail every day which end up in the deleted items faster than they had arrived.

What would make your visitor believe you are any different?

Answer these questions:

Are you any different?

How do you stand out?

Is your squeeze page merely just a catch area or does it actually solve a problem the visitor might have?

Remember, solving the problem also means that he would need to buy a product to do so, which of course is the product you are promoting.

A real good review on how a product solves a specific problem, especially if you use it yourself, and a good and clear explanation of how it works will make you to be an expert user of the product. Now that your visitor sees you as a perceived expert, which you should be, means that you will also have information that he would like to have or learn from. Here is where you make your definitive offer to the visitor to actually give you his details so you can follow-up with him.

Give him related information or tutorials on how to achieve his goals in exchange for his email address. Then send useful information which he will be able to use with and without the product.

If the product is an information book get the main points and divulge a little of them but just enough not to give to much away, but enough to raise the curiosity level to where he would be burning to know more.

This can be done in different ways very successfully without too much work, just by some clever writing. In your follow up emails you need to explain different methods and promote the product subtly. Do not bang it in the visitors face all the time. Use tact and persuasion, remember if he had not made the purchase by now but has opted in, it means there is interest but he is not sure yet.

If you?re going to tell him at the beginning of every mail to buy the product and become instantly filthy rich you are not going to make the sale. You need to remind not bombard.

Build up a trust relationship with the subscriber and follow it up every few days or whatever the subscription says with good solid information and at the end of each email show how the product has helped you come to that specific answer.

In the long run over seven to ten emails you would have imparted quite a bit of knowledge onto the subscriber and proved in different ways how the product works and how effective it is for you and can be for him. Only when you have reached this stage should you ask for the sale more directly.

If there is real interest you will make the sale and gain the most important of all, a trusting customer.

Remember, you need to trust the product yourself otherwise you will have a hard time selling it. Most of your sales will come from follow up emails and not the first visit. Take some time and work out a good email campaign that will be to the benefit of your subscriber, then launch your squeeze page and fill your bucket with sand.

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