Title: How do the work home gurus make 4k a day?

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Allot of people want to know how the gurus make their money online. many people want to buy their secrets. This is the one secret that most gurus don’t give up. It is the most obvious one that most people miss for some reason

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A: They make sure that their links pop up, on the first page of the search engine?s search results. They are gunning for the top 10, search engine results, on all of the popular search engines. They know the tricks, they know how to pick the keywords, and they know that the easiest way to make money on the internet is to let the search engines do the hard work for them.

Don?t buy anyone?s how I got rich program, because they won?t really tell you how they got rich. If they’re rich it is because have the web site that can be easily found using he search engines. It is as simple as that!

Most marketers will send out thousands of emails, and post their ads in ezines, solo ads, they write blogs, ect… These people spend a great deal of time on the internet trying to push their affiliate?s products. If they concentrated 1/3 of their efforts on what the gurus concentrated on, they would be spending more of their time at the beach on some exotic island, than on their computer at home.

Q: How do you get a guru to run?

A: You tell them that you just did a search on yahoo using their keywords, and they weren?t on the first page any more. Waaaahhff

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