Title: How To Make Your WebPages Easily Become Unique Without Using RSS Feeds From Other Websites

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In order to provide unique contents on your website, you can use RSS feeds from other websites. This article contains a different technique to provide unique contents using a reciprocal linking software.

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If you have been online for a few months, you must have heard about these two issues: “Content is King” and “Search engines don’t like duplicate contents”. One of the easiest way to provide contents for your site visitors is by using private label articles. Unfortunately, if you only use this strategy you will have problems to face with the second issue.

That is why many affiliate businesses that set up a new website for each member are often unable to make a top showing in the search engine results. There are too many similar contents.

In order to create a site that search engines will consider as unique, you will need to change a significant amount of information. You can do this by changing your web page title, meta tags, introducing a new paragraph and inserting links or editorial blocks within the article body.

Currently webmasters use different ways in order to make their webpages seem unique in the eyes of search engines. Many of them use RSS or product feeds from other websites.

But now you can try another technique. If you have used reciprocal linking strategy to drive traffic to your website, I believe you know the linkmachine, a reciprocal linking software. The main purpose of this free script is to help you trade links with other webmasters. But after you have finished reading this article, you can use it to make your webpages unique.

LinkMachine has a powerful feature where you can build different webpages for different categories. Moreover, this feature is different from most reciprocal linking software out there. With LinkMachine, you can use different templates for different categories.

The templates are highly customized. You can even use your own templates. That means you can put different Meta Tags, articles or any other type of contents on different link pages!

Another distinctive and advantageous feature is that you can choose to have your link pages with .html or .php extensions. Remember that a web page with .php extension is more customized than .html.

To make this concept clearer, it might be better if you visit http://www.immediatereply.com. Take a look at the link section and you will find that on the top of all link pages there are different short descriptions. Of course you can put articles or any other type of content on the link pages to replace the short descriptions.

There are other advantages if you employ these techniques:

1. Your link partners will be more happy to trade links with you, because they know that their link will not be inserted on deep burried link pages. Not many webmasters want to exchange links with you if your link pages look like a link farm.
2. You don’t have to worry with the copyright issue because the link title and description submitted by your partners are really unique.
3. Compared to other websites using RSS feeds, your website that uses this concept is more focussed. You will not meet unrelevant keywords on your webpages. You have a total control of the contents. You can approve or disapprove any link request. If you want you can tell your link partners to submit their link title or description with particular keywords.
4. You can get inbound links from other relevant websites that link directly to each webpage.

Other important tips you should take into consideration are:

1. Limit the number of links you want to put on a web page. Don’t worry, you can do it easily with LinkMachine.
2. Although LinkMachine offers an automatic reciprocal linking feature, it is better if you don’t use it. You should keep each webpage from containing unrelevant keywords.

Finally, make sure that your hosting supports the script. LinkMachine requires PHP 4 to operate.

Happy trying…

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