Title: How You Can Reach A Page Rank Of Four Or Five Easily.

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If you want a high page rank for your website, you need to do this.

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When you have a new website, or an older one that is stuck in a rut in terms of traffic, you really would love to bring the site to a higher page rank of four and above, lifting the site into more of an authority site category.

These sites gain more traffic, and therefore more profits for you.

How do you do this, you might be asking yourself?

The answer is, using the power of press releases. Whether you have heard of this method before or not, press releases are an incredibly powerful way of achieving a high page rank in very little time. And this in turn makes your site considered an authority site, on whatever theme the site is about, by the search engines.

Which then means more traffic, which is what we all want, right?

This is how you do it.

Firstly, you write the press release. It should not be too long. Three hundred words is a good length. It should not sound like a sales pitch. Because why would anybody pick up a blatant advertisement?

Make the headline catchy and draw the interest of the reader.

Make sure you have your keywords in the title and body of the release.

Ask the why, where, what and how.

Now read your press release and ask someone else you know to read it too, to get their opinion. It should flow and not read in a choppy way.

Finally comes the time to submit your press release.

You can submit it for free, however the maxim, you get what you pay for, as always applies. If you submit a free release, you will only get a tiny amount of traffic and fairly poor back links to your website, often irrelevant links too. For example, your site is about cars, and a website concerning cold cream links back to you. Not good.

I know. Because I have tried free submits in the past, and this is what happened to me.

Unless the press release is about something incredible, which spreads via word of mouth, do not expect much in the way of results.

In order to get the page rank of four or five you need to be in the first ten positions, and submit two or three times in a few weeks.

The cost would probably be several hundred dollars, depending upon how high you paid for. Sounds like a lot, I know. But getting a quick high page rank, and therefore high future earnings from the website is worth the short term cost.

If this is too much, pay what you can afford. The higher your position, the more traffic you are likely to have.

The biggest press site is called PR Web. Do a search for it.

Now get going, and submit a press release and watch your visitor count soar.

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