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Read about Internet Marketing in Florida from a guy in Pueblo Colorado. Find out about how you can make money with your blog.

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Internet Marketing from Florida wouldn?t be strange if you live in Florida. I however live in Colorado.

I am sitting in Celebration Florida while I?m writing this post. I have been here since Tuesday and today is Sunday. I have been attending an Internet Marketing – Blogging Boot Camp.

This has been a fun week. I flew out here with my life long friend Jeff. Our mothers took turns driving us to pre school when we were kids and now in our 40?s we are still neighbors and friends.

Jeff is a farmer and doesn?t get into Internet Marketing. He came out here with me for a little vacation before he gets back to those long days of farming for the Colorado spring and summer.

We arrived Tuesday evening and checked out parts of Orlando Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday night was the first meeting for the Internet Marketing boot camp.

Since then I have spent about 30 hours in meetings and working on my new blogging method. I learned about this new method from my new friend Mike back in December.

I started a blog about one of my passions in life. The blog is about Billiards. After following Mikes advice for about a month, I had over 10,000 visitors to my blog in January 2008.

I know this is not a ton of traffic. It is a significant amount however for a blog that is only 30 days old. This boot camp is building on the things which I have already learned from Mikes training.

If you would like to learn about this method, follow the link below.

Read about Mikes blogging method Here.

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