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Pixel Ad Mall, A new and innovative online advertising company, aims to raise the standard and expectations in pixel advertising.

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New Delhi, India: Can Selling a ‘Pixel’, the smallest graphic unit on your computer screen, make you a millionaire?

If you apply the formula used by England’s Alex Tew, creator of the wildly successful Million Dollar Homepage, it just might.

The idea is simple: Create affordable Internet advertising space by selling blocks of pixel (usually 10X10) ads on a high traffic Web site. Then, link those blocks back to the advertiser’s site and tell everyone you know about it to create buzz.

M-Solutions, an India-based Company joined the pixel bandwagon, and launched ‘PixelAdMall'[1] on 4 November, 2005. A little late than other pixel websites, but today has made a presense felt on major Pixel Top-Sites and Search Engines, like Google. Keywords like ‘Buy Pixels’ and ‘Pixel Directory’ when searched, this Site appears on the first page itself.

Currently, PixelAdMAll’s pixels cost USD $.20 each or USD $20 for 100 pixels. Where this site differs is in it’s marketing strategy, the site keeps giving users on the internet Hot Offers and promotions, which one should regularly check and take advantage of. For more information please visit PixelAdMAll[2] – The Best Place to Buy Pixels!

“Our pixel price is about half of what other sites charge,” added CEO, M-Solutions, “plus, we’re investing heavily in keyword advertising and search engine visibility that will drive traffic for added value and improved return on investment for our customers.”

The company’s minimum pixel purchase is 100 pixels (a 10 x 10 square) the developing industry standard for effective pixel advertising.

The USD $.20 promotional price is valid until 100,000 pixels are sold at which point the price will and is expected to rise.

PixelAdMall also offers its own Top-Site List (A.K.A. Pixel Sites Directory[3]), a guide for internet users to search for pixels of value; it is a list of sites, ranked in a way as to guide prospective buyers, which pixel site should they invest in for advertising their own site. It is also a place where all Pixel Based sites advertise.

Contact: M-Solutions.


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