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Introducing the secrets plan that will guarantee success in Internet Marketing – The Optimal Marketing Plan which is Single Tactic-Multiple Strategy Plan for marketing products.

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Every businessmen or entrepreneurs will tell you in order to do well in your business, you need to have a good business plan or a ‘game’ plan.

What is an Optimal Marketing Plan? Similarly, for Internet Marketing to be successful, we need to have a good marketing plan. One very succesful entrepreneur, Robert T. Kiyosaki(of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame), will tell you that most business or corporations are using an optimal ‘game’ plan for their business. And, he himself also uses that. This optimal business plan is – Single Tactic-Multiple Strategy Plan. This goes along the argument that if we concentrate on doing only 1 thing right but have 101 ways of doing it, we will be successful in doing that single thing. It is common sense isn’t it!

Likewise, Internet Marketing can use this tactical plan for marketting. We will call this the optimal marketing plan! So, we just need to come up with the single tactic and then have multiple strategies to work towards materializing our tactic.

Example, say we wish to market our digital product like “7 Days to Profits $100,000 A Year Webinar” Packge – Our Tactic. To sell this product, we need to think of way to sell and market it – Our Strategies.

We list out our tactic and follow by our multiple strategies.

Our Tactic: Market the “7 Days to Profits $100,000 A Year Webinar” Packge.

Our Strategies:

1. Create Website to advertise the product.

2. Pay-Per-Click Campaign

3. Post Articles on subject related to product to the ezines directories.

4. Blog on subject related to product.

5. Submit links to Search engines.

6. Forum to market the product.

The list of strategies goes on and on… The above example is an overly simplied but it does serve the purpose of explaining my points.

How to create an Optimal Marketing Plan? To create an optimal marketing plan, we must own the 3 Whats,i.e. What business/market we are in, what the customers really want and what are the single most effective tactic to use?

1. What business/market we are in? We need to know what business and market we are in, in order to create the most effective tactic. From the example previously, the products is actually in internet marketing niche market. We are actually in information business.

2. What the customers really want? Customers nowadays don’t just want solutions to their problems. They want values too. Most products in the market do provide some kinds of solutions. But, not all the products we buy. We only buy selected products. We select products based on our “percieved values”,eg. brands of products, usefulness, look nice, etc.

3. What is the single most effective tactic to use? After we know the first 2 whats, finding the tactic to use is straight forward. The most effective tactic to use is able to meet customers’ ‘wants’ and able to make use of the market to the advantages. We can use the “7 Days to Profits $100,000 A Year Webinar” Packge as an example to illustrate this. We know that it is an information product for teaching people how to make profits of $100K a year in 7 days. Since it is information product for internet marketing, we can distribute it easily online through digital means like eBook, audio, video. People who will buy from this product want fast solution, i.e to jump start their business in a short period of 7 days. Hence, we able to come up with our more precise tactic – To market and promote “7 Days to Profits $100,000 A Year Webinar” Packge online through digital channel. As it is already a digital product, we can ommit the stating the digital channel part.

Getting the plan together… So we can put our tactic in more precise term.

Revised Tactic: To market and promote the “7 Days to Profits $100,000 A Year Webinar” Packge Online.

After finding the 3 whats and formulating our tactic, the next step is to brainstorm strategies to push our tactic. Here are the details strategies from above example.

Revised Marketing Strategies:

1. Create a content-rich website on internet marketing to promote the product.

2. Advertise in Google Adwords, Overture and other Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

3. Write articles on the subject of internet marketing strategies and tactics with link to the website and post them to the ezines directories.

4. Create blog on internet marketing strategies and tactics with links to the website promoting the product.

5. Link exchange with other internet marketing related sites and search engines.

6. Create a forum on internet marketing strategies and tactics to market the product.

As you can see, if we use this Optimal Marketing Plan, we will be able to concentrate on what we really want to do that is promoting our products and plan our strategies accordingly.

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