Title: The Secrets To Maximizing Your Residual Income

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Success in making online fortune are found in these combined essential key factors. Find a company or system that has these elements and you are on your way to maximizing your residual income with sky as the limit.

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The American Heritage Dictionary defines the word ?leverage? as: ?Positional advantage; power to act effectively.? It has been known and proven over and over that the key to creating fast growing residual income regardless of the product on sale is through a method called Network Marketing. Despite its notorious reputation in making people feel skeptical after failing so many times, still it is responsible for making extraordinary streams of income for many ordinary people. Thus you always see more and more companies utilize this method.

What is their number one secret?

Besides not easily giving up and joining a reputable company with a proven compensation plan, they recognize the power of leverage. OPR or Other People?s Resources, that is. Unless you are a superhuman needing no eat or sleep, you can only work so many hours with so much energy. A network with your taking positional advantage will put leverage into motion. The greater the network is, the more OPR be put into work.

However, most people have been fed up with MLM or confused with the real Network Marketing. Although there are many good MLM companies, few provide all their members with equal opportunities to be insanely successful, not to mention a line of high-demand, hot selling products which needs minimum or no inventory or maintenance.

In order to make a serious yearly residual income (more than $100,000 per year), you need a combination of a leveraged system and quality products. You need to make money not only from your efforts but from those you bring in. Leveraging is how every self-made millionaire got where they are today. You will never become wealthy by yourself. It’s impossible. It takes others to help you achieve wealth. As an example of the leveraging power there is a simple system called ?2 UP? that has started to be recognized as one of the most powerful income building system.

Products are also one of the main factors in determining your network marketing success. Your products need to be unique either in quality, price and/or demands compared to the competitors. Another factor is active training from the people who own or run the company. The training will have to help not only seasoned marketers but especially newcomers to succeed so that every member feels confident and not being left behind.

Last but not least, the Internet makes it possible for leveraging to come to its maximum potential. The World Wide Web has played a very important role in reaching out to the mass in a very affordable way. Every serious network marketer has to eventually rely on its power as Internet is becoming a part of more and more people?s lives and activities, not to mention ways to earn a living?. very nice living.

To see an example of a company that combines everything explained above, go to http://www.InstantCommission.info.

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