Title: This Stuffs really works: How Vision and Beliefs create your business

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How to bring your ideas into action and achieve the Results that you want

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Do you ever get fired up with a great idea, but take no action?

If you don?t believe that it is possible to make large amounts of money then you won?t take the required action that will deliver the results

You are not alone, this is common because people have great ideas but they do not line up with their beliefs of what they are capable of, what will work and what is good.

Believe in yourself and what you want to do. Go and find the skills that you need to make it happen, find a mentor if possible, take action. Measure the results and feed the results back in and keep continually improving

Not everything will work for you and that is fine. Just keep holding your vision of what you want to achieve and just keep moving towards it.

You need to get out there and try things and see if they work for you, if they produce results then keep using them, no results then stop using them

Have you even had a doubt if you have what it takes to achieve what you want, congratulations, you are in good company, most of the world.

Relax and focus on what you want, ideas and resources will come.

The important thing for you to do is to absorb ideas and filter out the ones that seem attractive to you. If they seem attractive, then they probably line up with your beliefs and also what you want to achieve. After you pick out the ideas then try them out, take some actions and measure the results.

You don?t have to have an original idea just a good one and try it out, see if it works for you. You don?t have to be lucky, a genius, or anything special.

Find somebody who knows how to do what you want to achieve, and do what they do. Believe that it will work and you will align yourself with taking the right actions that will deliver the results that you want.

Simple things applied are a lot more powerful that something that is never applied

Kaizen: the process of continuous improvement took the Japanese industries to a large market share by continuously applying small changes and measuring the results.

Albert Einstein commented that if you studied anything for 10 Mins a day in one year you would be an expert. Study those ideas and apply them one by one and see if they work for you.

Keep the big picture of what you want and focus upon it and you will find the resources to keep you achieve that vision.

You will make mistakes, you will try things that do not work but as long as you hold your vision and move steadily towards it, it will happen.

Actions delivers results, it does not have to be perfect action day one, just try it and see what results you get, look around for how other people are doing it, make changes and measure the results.

You will be amazed at what results you can get by consistently focusing on what you want, taking consistent inspired actions and seeing what results you are getting.

If you are getting the results that you want then keep doing it and gradually make improvements.

If you are not getting the results that you want than look for other ways to do things. Look at what beliefs that you may have that are conflicting with what you consciously say that you want to achieve.

Be flexible enough to change what you are thinking or doing until you start to deliver the results that you want

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